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Hi, I’m Rowell

This is my personal blog where I discuss and share technical topics from network engineering, wireless, and network automation.

What I’m Working On

Recently passed  the Cisco DevNet Associate and now I’m helping others learn so they can work towards automating and managing network devices more efficiently and obtain the DevNet Associate certification.


If you start to think the problem is ‘out there,’ stop yourself. That thought is the problem.

— Stephen Covey

Technology and Imagery

Playing with technology. Borrowing moments in a photograph.

I focus on Wi-Fi. Designing, configuring and testing connectivity for enterprise companies. When I’m not doing Wi-Fi I’m traveling, eating, and wandering.

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A Company Of One

In 2017, I decided to incorporate a business. Focused on wireless professional services, I had been receiving enough work to make it a structured entity. That’s when the business was registered online though,, as a single member LLC. Why an LLC? My business really started in San Diego in the year 2015. As a […]

Mobility Field Day 3 – What To Expect

What I love most about the tech industry, and more specifically the Wi-Fi industry, are the events that are held throughout the year. One of my favorite events is Mobility Field Day (MFD) hosted put on by the fine folks over at Tech Field Day. I’m happy to announce that I will be taking a […]

Cisco Live Photos

During Cisco Live 2019 I decided to bring my camera and document some of the action of a 28,000+ person conference. Photography has long been a passion of mine. My goal was to capture people’s interaction with each other, the lighting of the keynotes, have images for future blog posts, and to share what my […]