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I’m a husband, father, network engineer, and consulting business owner bringing what I know and learn to you. Let’s learn together through video, labs, community, and other digital content.

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I’m building a community, Network Junkies, where anyone from beginners to experienced network engineers can get together to learn, speak, and ask any question (there are no stupid questions) in a safe space. Get to know others in the community and improve your skills. Join me on Discord today!

What I’m Working On

I did a live stream 7 days straight to discuss network engineering during this weird time. I’m doing this to challenge to myself in public speaking & to encourage myself to do more learning and labbing. I will continue to do a live stream regularly.

Recently passed  the Cisco DevNet Associate and now I’m helping others learn so they can work towards automating and managing network devices more efficiently and obtain the DevNet Associate certification.


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It's time to parse XML using Python. I've learned how to use the requests module to form a GET request to a network device. Taking the response, I convert it into a string which will be fed to xml minidom to create an XML variable containing the content I want. From that content, I'll parse out specific information using XML elements and attributes. I found this useful for studying the Cisco DevNet Associate.

If you start to think the problem is ‘out there,’ stop yourself. That thought is the problem.

— Stephen Covey

Technology and Imagery

Playing with technology. Borrowing moments in a photograph.

I focus on Wi-Fi. Designing, configuring and testing connectivity for enterprise companies. When I’m not doing Wi-Fi I’m traveling, eating, and wandering.

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Top 5 Certifications For Network Engineers In 2020

[Update 04/15/2020: Starting April 15, 2020, Cisco is allowing online testing of their certifications due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Eligible candidates may take the CCNA, DevNet, and other exams online. Read more here.] A new year often means looking at what we’d like to achieve. There are many reasons to pursue a new certification, whether […]

Python Day 1: Functions

The start of my 30 Days of Code begins with Functions. I had already read about flow with For and While loops.  Today I read into Functions.  Functions are like independent programs within a program. And it is defined before it is ever called.  [python] def myFunction(): print(‘Hello world’) [/python] To utilize the function, it […]

What is YANG – For Network Engineers

YANG was created by IETF to define a data structure network engineers can use to get configuration on network devices. It’s also used to configure network devices. Network engineers must know what YANG is for the DevNet Associate certification.

Cisco Live 2019 – Recap With Friends

Cisco Live is the biggest event of the year for me. It summer camp for geeks and the one place where many of us see each other on a yearly basis. What’s even better is meeting new people this year! Aside from co-hosting an audio podcast, Clear To Send, I decided to start recording more […]

Spectrum Analysis with Ekahau Analyzer

As an IT professional, there are too many tools to select from. It’s easy to get carried away and have some tools that whose purpose may overlap. There are a handful of spectrum analyzers available for purchase. Some better than others, yes. Watch this video on YouTube But one of those tools, the Ekahau Sidekick, […]