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I’m a husband, father, network engineer, and consulting business owner bringing what I know and learn to you. Let’s learn together through video, labs, community, and other digital content.

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I’m building a community, Network Junkies, where anyone from beginners to experienced network engineers can get together to learn, speak, and ask any question (there are no stupid questions) in a safe space. Get to know others in the community and improve your skills. Join me on Discord today!

What I’m Working On

I did a live stream 7 days straight to discuss network engineering during this weird time. I’m doing this to challenge to myself in public speaking & to encourage myself to do more learning and labbing. I will continue to do a live stream regularly.

Recently passed  the Cisco DevNet Associate and now I’m helping others learn so they can work towards automating and managing network devices more efficiently and obtain the DevNet Associate certification.


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It's time to parse XML using Python. I've learned how to use the requests module to form a GET request to a network device. Taking the response, I convert it into a string which will be fed to xml minidom to create an XML variable containing the content I want. From that content, I'll parse out specific information using XML elements and attributes. I found this useful for studying the Cisco DevNet Associate.

If you start to think the problem is ‘out there,’ stop yourself. That thought is the problem.

— Stephen Covey

Technology and Imagery

Playing with technology. Borrowing moments in a photograph.

I focus on Wi-Fi. Designing, configuring and testing connectivity for enterprise companies. When I’m not doing Wi-Fi I’m traveling, eating, and wandering.

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A Day of Warehouse Wi-Fi

Rudely, the shrieks of my iPhone alarm awaken me. Like a Drill Seargent barging into the barracks, it shocks me. It’s 4:15 AM at the Fairfield Inn. In-the-middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. Fairfield Inn I stumble out of bed to the rough stubble of the carpet on the bottom of my feet. Coffee is calling my name. I […]

I Passed the DevNet Associate Exam!

In October 2019, I decided to study for the Cisco DevNet Associate. I set a task to learn Python every single day. Usually, I had many browser tabs open from the Cisco Developer site where I practiced my labs. I’d like to share my experience and some of the resources I used to prepare fo the DevNet Associate.

Python Day 2: Lists

Lists look like they’ll be useful when I get to a point where I can write scripts. Python Lists can hold multiple values in an ordered sequence. Within the list are items which are ordered by an index. The index starts with 0. Each item is separated by a comma and any strings must have quotes […]

A Company Of One

In 2017, I decided to incorporate a business. Focused on wireless professional services, I had been receiving enough work to make it a structured entity. That’s when the business was registered online though,, as a single member LLC. Visiting an early client of mine in San Francisco. Why an LLC? My business really started […]

Cisco Cert Exams now ONLINE

The impact COVID19 has had on this world is crazy. Everything stopped in it’s place. If you were studying for a Cisco certification exam, you had to stop. The testing centers began closing due to social distancing rules in place and fear of contracting COVID19. Watch this video on YouTube Companies such as Cisco began […]