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Networking, security, and entrepreneurship

I’m a husband, father, network engineer, and consulting business owner bringing what I know and learn to you. Let’s learn together through video, labs, community, and other digital content.

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I’m building a community, Network Junkies, where anyone from beginners to experienced network engineers can get together to learn, speak, and ask any question (there are no stupid questions) in a safe space. Get to know others in the community and improve your skills. Join me on Discord today!

What I’m Working On

Beginning early 2021, I started to dive more into Palo Alto Networks firewalls. This led me to start looking into their Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator, or PCNSA. Join me as I learn the features of the Palo Alto Networks firewalls.

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Even after passing the Cisco DevNet Associate exam, I continue to learn how to create a Python script which interfaces with the Meraki API to create a desired output. In this video, I'm tackling a specific objective of the DevNet Associate exam: Listing network devices from Meraki using the API.

If you start to think the problem is ‘out there,’ stop yourself. That thought is the problem.

— Stephen Covey

Technology and Imagery

Playing with technology. Borrowing moments in a photograph.

I focus on Wi-Fi. Designing, configuring and testing connectivity for enterprise companies. When I’m not doing Wi-Fi I’m traveling, eating, and wandering.

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XML Basics for DevNet

Understanding the basic concepts of the XML format and the content it contains will be important when dealing with APIs and writing scripts. I continue my series in studying for the Cisco DevNet Associate certification. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is a way to describe sets of data. Its purpose is to be […]

Parsing XML with Python Minidom

A core skill for a DevNet associate is being knowledgeable of how to parse XML into a Python structure. Data can be retrieved from devices using different data structures such as XML, YAML, or JSON. In this lab, I’ll look at parsing XML into a useable structure within Python. First step is to use a […]

Python Day 1: Functions

The start of my 30 Days of Code begins with Functions. I had already read about flow with For and While loops.  Today I read into Functions.  Functions are like independent programs within a program. And it is defined before it is ever called.  To utilize the function, it is called within the program or […]

My 3 Favorite Features of the NetAlly EtherScope nXG

How many Wi-Fi tools do you carry in your bag? Wi-Fi engineers have been carrying an overabundant number of gadgets in order to troubleshoot and analyze Wi-Fi networks. NetAlly has been working on specialized handheld tools, such as the EtherScope nXG, that perform various network tests. I’ve been fortunate to use this handheld tool on […]

YAML Basics for DevNet

Taking a look at the Cisco DevNet Associate exam topics (DEVASC 200-901), one of the first objectives is to compare different data formats. Those data formats you should be able to compare are XML, JSON, and YAML. To start, I decided to take a look at YAML and what it has to offer from a […]